IRM 42

A serious game made in partnership with Philips Healthcare. Our goal was to create a game for children that reassure them and help them understand what an IRM is. The game is on iOS and Android, using augmented reality.

The player will choose between 4 universe which one he likes the most. Then, he will choose a companion who will tell him the scenario in which the player will be the hero.

My role on this project was game design, level design and sound design.

After that, the mini games will begin. The player will have to use the augmented reality as given in the mini games.

By completing the mini game, the player will earn gifts for his companion. Another bonus gives the children a video making an analogy between the universe and the IRM machine.

This experience was very interesting because the team was diversified. There were animators, product and transport designers and game designers / artists. This team made me understand the different management methods used by every roles.