Battle Cars

Battle Cars is a Battle Royale car game where 16 players are confined in an arena and ruthlessly fight to the death. Violent high speed collisions, game changing abilities, spectacular tricks… In short; total destruction until only one remains.

The team is composed of 2 programmers, 2 game artists and 3 game designers with roles assigned to each of us. We are developing the game since October 2019 and until June 2020, using Unity. 

You can find all our work here on confluence:

Key art by Léa LESCUYER

In this project, i am currently mainly responsible for the level design. I also have the responsibility of sound design.

Here are some level design documents I made using objective flow charts and rational level design:

The pillars of Battle Cars are:

Pedal to the Metal

Explosive Brutality

No Fair Play

Show Off

Arena intentions & guidelines:

Closed space: There is no way out for the players.

No directions: To emphasize on choas and foster collisions between players.

Enough room for speed: Players must be able to reach full speed inside the arenas.

Force collisions: Level Design elements should strongly foster collisions and conflict.

Segments intentions & guidelines

Build up boost: Segments’ elements should let the players build up nitro boost easily

Multiple layers: Segments’ can have multiple ways that connect and let the players battle for boosts.

Quickness: Segments should force players to make quick decisions and arrive quickly in the arenas.


As a Level designer, my main problem on this game is : How to mix the core pillars of the game in the track segments and arenas: “Pedal to the metal”, “explosive brutality”, “no fairplay” and “show off”. For that, I asked myself: What do we want the player to feel when using these pillars? I ended up with 4 concepts that I am using to search references, create level elements and the arena.

  • Skate Park

    • This idea brings the stunt elements. We use ramps to gain speed and then perform tricks to gain boost. The skate park concept can also create credible boundaries for the arena. For example the bowl element in a skate park.

  • Funfair

    • Funfairs have a lot of attractions that can be used as elements to create chaos in the arena. For example : pendulum attraction can become a 2 sided demolition wrecking ball.

  • Pinball

    • Pinball effect can bring satisfaction to the players when they use environment to bounce other players off and completely destroy their vehicles.

  • Pool

    • The pool game is connected to the Pinball effect. This idea helps us design our level elements to strategies that use the environment. Players will use other players to crush their opponents on the walls and on other level elements.